Room design Color: 42 spaces dominated by jack

room design Color: 42 spaces dominated by jack

color idea after parental bed head gray geometric accent

Gray is one of the trendy colors of the moment, especially regarding the interior decoration and color design room, living room and even the layout of the bathroom and kitchen.

Yet, as we know, the gray has a bad reputation. neutral color par excellence, gray is regarded as private emotions, even bland and it is defined, for lack of better, as a mixture of two other neutral colors much more expressive - white and black.

bedroom design color with light gray interior and white geometric decoration by Penint Design Studio

color wall decoration room design geometric pattern

But despite all these negative considerations we often hear about him, Gray continues to dominate the domestic trend in recent years. To try to explain this phenomenon, we explored a series of adult design rooms decorated with this color trend.

Color industrial design room with concrete walls and dark gray textiles by Kyde Architects

Modern light color band room interior design

There are many explanations for the popularity of the gray color in decorating a bedroom design for adults. Considered very expressive, this color is also (and simultaneously) relaxing and peaceful. Moreover, it gives the interior a welcoming atmosphere that few other neutral shades are able to offer.

Image of modern adult bedroom with dark gray walls and white decor for relaxing atmosphere by Yaroslav Kovalchuk

color design room facing wall wood white paint

minimalist design chamber wall with gray concrete and light strips for modern lighting Kdva Architects

color chamber design concrete wall lighting luminous band

Such atmosphere is particularly suitable for decorating an adult bedroom which is generally defined as a relaxation area and should therefore provide a lot of comfort, while eliminating stress quoitidien.

interior gray dressing table with abstract wall decoration, design by Harun Kaymaz

color room design wood flooring carpet neutral color wall chart

For example, this living space is designed as a relaxing place to be based more neutral and relaxing colors: beige present through the light wood floors, white walls and discreet touches of dark green.

Interior of modern adult bedroom with Zen atmosphere and decor in neutral colors by Fly Design Studio

color design gray paint room wall wood shelf

Neutral colors are relaxing induscutable property, as shown in this room where all the decoration is organized around one goal: to combine shades and natural surfaces to create a very peaceful area.

Color gray and taupe room design with modern headboard adorned with geometric accents and elegant wardrobe by Angelica Andreichenko

room gray modern design wardrobe color design

Because, yes, like other colors, gray has its own qualities and affects our mood psychologically. So what are the main effects of the gray shades on our well-being?

Decorative gray dressing and wood with raised bed and wooden cabinet by Roman Pravnik

color gray bed room design estarde wood storage cabinet

According to experts, this color is the only one not to be associated with positive properties psychologically.

Photo of modern room in gray and wood diving in a Zen and panormaique outside view, Design by Khalid Anwar Al Jufrey

color room design adult deco kind wood furniture

The proof: the color is chosen for professional outfits and for those times when you want to demonstrate serious and diligent attitude.

Idea of ​​color design room for adult gray, white and green by Sreten Jovanovic & Urh and Anna Maja Fedyukina

gray white deco design room furniture color

But why the shades of gray do they have such a reputation? The answer is simple: they evoke the wish to protect and isolate in a cozy interior, likely to wrap ourselves without exhausting us.

Image creative adult room with dark gray walls and natural deco white wood Blalank Studio

color design room bed wood painting highlights

Yet, by dint of surrounding himself with such an atmosphere, one can also feel tired: the lack of bright colors can cause lower energy levels in the human body.

Deco idea of ​​modern and feminine room with light gray, wooden keys and accents in bright red, design by Iqosa

color gray siding wall design room tete red bed

So, how to avoid such results if we love this room design and color that would decorate its interior? The answer is quite simple: add more bright colors in the decor!

bedroom design color combination for a feminine atmosphere C4 Grafx

neutral paint color design room Association of purple

Red and gray may well seem a classic combination but it does not exhaust the possibilities of color combination bedroom design that work well with gray. In the picture above, an illustration of a harmonious interior dominated by purple and gray keys.

gray room paint color and white with pastel colors buttons and palfond suspended by Sherin Hany

color purple bedroom design decoration feminine furniture

Another great way to enhance the decor of a gray room: use pastel colors. They go well with neutral shades and they offer us the opportunity to further customize the interior of the room!

Geometric Deco room with gray and white design headboard Quadro by Room

color room interior design cupboard small space

If you like neutral colors, you can very well develop a relaxation area painted only in white, gray, black and beige.

Deco small design space Room neutral colors by Dmitriy Kurilov

small bedroom black light gray paint

This solution is ideal for small spaces, especially if you decide to paint one or two of your walls white.

Idea Room neutral and dark colors playing with the geometry Zigshot82

Photo gray and black modern bedroom interior fittings

In this case, you will make the room more interesting if you decide to play the card of the decoration with geometric shapes. In one of our major issues that came out this week, we discussed the role of geometry for the development of a modern and personalized cuisine. The importance of this science in the design of the bedrooms is an equally interesting.

Modern interior with geometric decoration in dark tones by Bora Evgar

Image bedroom dark black wood floor slabs suspended luminaire color

Neutral colors are needed less than other shades and consequently, they give more opportunities to play with geometric shapes which would then be the most intriguing element in the decoration of the space.

gray decoration and stone with geometric accents and lighting inspired by cinema projectors by Marta Gord

decoration gray wall suspended luminaire chamber

Color modern design room: pale gray paint and accessories and original decoration by géométique LifeArch

adult palette of gray room color round modern design

Here is a good illustration of what we just said, this glamorous room is inspired by the decor trends from the 60s of the 20th century. The color of clear paint allows to furniture and accents geometric shapes become the focal point in this space.

modern adult bedroom with lacquered surfaces in gray and pastel colors, design by Rubik

deco trend color design gray paint room

To create a bedroom even more harmonious and more pleasant, one could also turn to the advice of feng shui decor. As you probably know, the Chinese art gives special importance to colors and their use in the home. While he said about the gray?

Bedroom of modern style with light wood headboard and decorated in neutral tones by Hoang Dinh Dung

Photo modern room neutral paint wood furniture

According to the tradition of feng shui decor, gray is a color associated with metal, one of the five key elements that should coexist harmoniously to attract positive energy inside our homes. In addition, Gray is considered related to the West cardinal points, North and Northwest.

original wall decoration in gray room with yellow accent design by Andrew REPN

color combination yellow interior room mural

Unlike the Western conception, the eyes of decorators feng shui, the gray shades can be positively charged.

Room tones of gray and white with sliding door Interior Eke

Layouts gray room deco interior modern furniture

This is the case especially when talking light shades of gray and those close to the money.

Room light gray and taupe bed, Design by Eke Interiors

lighting design master bedroom modern zen style

If you like the color gray, you are probably attracted to the element of metal, and it may well be that your Kua number (that is to say the number provided by your date of birth and used to calculate the best decoration for your interior) is attached to this item!

Color and design idea of ​​modern design room with wood accents on the walls and floor by Omar Essam

chamber'adulte couleur peinture neutre revetement sol parquet bois

Associate gray and wood, this is another great idea for those who want to decorate their bedroom in tones of the neutral shade!

room picture bedroom in shades of dark gray with wooden headboard and wall storage, Design by projek_f

color combination light gray paint room

But beware: this idea of ​​decor is not recommended by followers of feng shui rules, simply because wood is an element who is weakened by the metal. Mix gray and wood so might upset the balance of your bedroom feng shui.

Color design room with wood paneling on the wall and floor design by KRoom

master bedroom gray and black interior modern design Layouts

However, more and more designers dare to experiment with this mix of materials and colors and, admittedly, the results are quite successful.

Idea bedroom with wood furniture and wall covering dark gray by Koj Design

room decoration wood pallet idea gray

On the picture up, master bedroom where tones of gray dominate part of the wall behind the bed and wooden coatings dress the rest of the surfaces: the soil, covered by a light wooden floors as well as an area of Wall, located close to the window.

design room gray and taupe wooden shelves associated with pastel buttons by Nika Vorotyntseva

taupe room deco modern design accessories

The wood goes well with precise shade of gray is usually appointed by the taupe name.

Interior bedroom in neutral colors, light blue and yellow a color harmony by Hieu Doan

deco small room paint color neutral wall picture

Some modern spaces, like in the picture, fail to unite more of the decoration ideas with gray we just saw: the geometric shapes, soft colors and zen atmosphere are all in this room design bed.

Idea bedroom decor with geometric patterns by Image Box Studio

geometric decoration parental yellow accent result

Master bedroom with gray headboard and coating wooden floor design by kgm Vietnam

headboard gray room floor mat design

If you do not want to decorate your entire bedroom in gray but looking for ways to just add a few touches that color, consider an imposing headboard that color.

bedroom design image with gray wall and mirrors symmetrical Desygner Hoang

decoration master bedroom idea neutral color palette

In the room you see on the picture below, the dark gray shades were selected to adorn the accent wall behind the bed A headboard in taupe shade fabric is superimposed by functioning as a unifying element between the wall and the wooden furniture.

Facing wall of dark gray with classic geometric decoration by Le Anh

paint color gray idea interior design adult room

The result: a Zen atmosphere and asked, reinforced by the presence of plants and a bouquet of flowers.

Master bedroom of modern design with gray tones cabinet Andriy Voskolovich

low furniture neutral colored room deco modern style

Do you like the modern deco style? If so, there is a good chance that the lacquered surfaces are present in your home. And while you get used to the beauty of this type of painted surfaces in white and black, gray ones are just as worthy of admiration!

White Room with gray as a color accent wall painting, design by Stanza

bedroom design idea deco furniture adult wood

Another example chamber with gray accent wall. The desired effect in this case is again the zen. And it is achieved through the mural in bright and relaxing colors.

Deco minimalist chamber in light gray and white by Oporski Architecture

color paint white suite and modern gray

contemporary design room for adult light gray and beige tones with Quang Đạt

coating wood modern room adult gray

Finally, we offer a combination of latest trend colors for a contemporary and chic interior: gray and beige.

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Room design Color: 42 spaces dominated by jack

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