OPINION: Why we DO NOT need a third season of 13 Reasons Why

OPINION: Why we DO NOT need a third season of 13 Reasons Why

They're coming back!


As a fan, I’m scared. More afraid we’re going tooverdoit and churn the story until there’s nothing left of it. InSeason Oneit was NO spoiler that Hannah Baker committed suicide and tape-by-tape, we discovered who and what affected her decision. In season two we cringed at poor Clay, who simply cannot get over his first crush, but let’s be real – it was plain FREAKY to have a ghost version of Katherine Langford walking around the school hallways and entering eerie courtrooms.

So what exactly is there left to explore? The last thing we saw on S2 was a damaged Tyler hobbling into Tony's car leaving a vulnerable Clay with a gun in hand as police approached him.

I'm actually done seeing this a**hole's face.


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Perhaps Tony and Tyler will get caught in a car crash while escaping? Or maybe Bryce will be in college and we'll finally see him own up to being a rapist.

I don't know, Selena Gomez' sombre tunes may have been added to our Spotify playlists and we did learn that Zac and Hannah had a whimsical romance but there's NOTHING left to explore in this series. 

I mean what do they hope to achieve? 

Still not convinced? Here are13 Reasons Whyour fave teen show needs to be put to a halt.

1. Katherine Langford has confirmed she's not in Season 3.

2. Bryce is in college now, who will we hate on?

3. Hannah's mum is in NYC, surely the school dramas can't be taken out of Liberty High.

4. We cannot fathom seeing Justin return to drugs again.

5. It's getting ridiculous only Dylan Minnette looks like he's a high school student. 

6. Hannah's dad has a new family and his affair was beige enough to sit through in Season 2.

7. We're scared to see Tyler's story continue because honestly, we are still not over the sodomizing scene. A janitor's broom-stick still makes us erk.

8. Clay said his farewell to Hannah and we cannot imagine him without her.

9. We don't want to see Jess break Alex's heart.

10. The new counseller is Jessminda from Bend It Like Beckham and we don't believe her.

11. Selena Gomez needs to stick to lip-syncing.

12. The actor who plays Zac is currently being sued for attempted murder and as awful as that is, we're not keen on a fill-in actor.

13. Did we mention Katherine Langford won't be in it? Agh.

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OPINION: Why we DO NOT need a third season of 13 Reasons Why