Daymond John -- Undercover Santa Hawks Shark Tank Shades

Daymond John -- Undercover Santa Hawks 'Shark Tank' Shades

"Shark Tank" InvestorDaymond John is a shameless Santa who walked the streets of NYC in disguise to hawk some wacky sunglasses in which he has HEAVILY invested.
John blended into the crowd during SantaCon, and unlike most of the other Santas, his mission was not to get wasted. Instead he tried to make a go of Sunstaches-- novelty glasses with attachments that can turn you into a pirate, a cowboy, a Rosta, and even a devil.
The FUBU CEO owns 30% of the company after anteing up 0K on Shark Tank.
Watch the video ... you gotta hand it to him, he's an ace of a salesman.

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Daymond John -- Undercover Santa Hawks Shark Tank Shades