Conrad Murray Juror -- The Decision Was Easy

Conrad Murray Juror -- The Decision Was Easy

A juror in theConrad Murraytrial tells TMZ ... the decision to find Murray guilty of involuntary manslaughter was not difficult, and jurors were all in agreement early on in the deliberation process.
The juror -- who asked not to be identified -- tells us jurors were not conflicted and that "it was a concrete decision." 
The juror also said the jurors were unified early on ... long before they ended their 8-plus hours of deliberations.
As for what swayed the jury, the juror did not want to speak for the others but said it was the totality of the evidence.  We asked if Murray's 2-hour interview with LAPD detectives was a turning point, but the juror said it wasn't.   The juror said the body of evidence -- not one individual item -- was just overwhelming.

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Conrad Murray Juror -- The Decision Was Easy