Chief Keef Charged with DUI After Miami Weed Bust

Chief Keef Charged with DUI After Miami Weed Bust


Chief Keefhas been charged with a DUI after cops pulled him over in a traffic stop-turned-drug bust this weekend.

According to the Miami Beach Police report ... Chief was booked Saturday for felony DUI after he failed a sobriety test when he and another vehicle were stopped for what appeared to be a weed transfer. 

Police stopped Chief in his green Maclaren, as well as

Officers searched and found more weed and other substances in the trailing car and charged 4 others with misdemeanor possession of marijuana. At least 1 of the guys had a couple warrants for his arrest in NJ related to drug charges and robbery.

As for Chief ... cops say he had bloodshot eyes and dry mouth before a drug expert showed up on the scene. Chief reportedly told them "It's okay.

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Chief Keef Charged with DUI After Miami Weed Bust