April the Giraffes Zoo Isnt Panicked Baby Hasnt Dropped Yet

April the Giraffe's Zoo Isn't Panicked Baby Hasn't Dropped Yet


April the Giraffe
's had millions of people waiting -- now impatiently -- for more than a month for her to give birth, but neither she nor her baby are in danger.

The Animal Adventure Park in upstate NY set up a live stream in early February ... anticipating she'd shortly give birth. No dice though, and the long wait has April's loyal viewers wondering what the hell's happening!

A rep for the park says they aren't worried about the lengthy delay ... in fact, it's natural. We're told April's not in full labor yet, but the fetus is active and there are biological signs (we'll spare you the gory details) she's close to popping.

We're told vets won't intervene until they see the positioning of the calf. Ideally, employees hope to see the baby's front hooves, knees, snout and neck first.

If that happens, they'll sit back and let April do her thing, but if there's any sign the calf is breech ... the vet team is ready to go.

Any day now, April.

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April the Giraffes Zoo Isnt Panicked Baby Hasnt Dropped Yet